2013 Blueprint Awards - Darrel Hildebrand Blueprint Leadership Award

The 2013 Darrel Hildebrand
Blueprint Leadership Award

John Wright, Chairman - Valley Planner's Network


330 Van Ness Cottages

John Wright has been passionately involved in planning and community service activities in Central California for over 30 years.  A graduate of Cal Poly, John operated as the Director of Planning and Development Services for the City of Clovis from 1976-2008.  His vision is largely responsible for the extensive regional and neighborhood park system in the City of Clovis, and his efforts to obtain grant funding and commitment from the city helped create the system of trails throughout the city and throughout the greater metropolitan area.  Throughout his career, he has been recognized with many awards and honors, such as the Distinguished Leadership Award; Citizen of the Year; the Distinguished Service Award; the ULI’s Lifetime Achievement Award; and many others. 

John’s expertise helped in shaping the Blueprint Principles.  His continued involvement in the process includes his activities as Chair of the Valley Planner’s Network; a group dedicated to informing and involving local agency planners from all around the valley in responsible planning practices.  John is a charter member of the American Planning Association and is AICP certified.  His contributions to the Central Valley, the Blueprint process and many community service groups are a direct reflection of his commitment to fostering a higher quality of life for our region. 

John lives in Clovis with his wife, Carol, and spends a great deal of his time with his grandchildren since he retired from the City of Clovis in April 2008.