2013 Blueprint Awards - Downtown Revitalization

Award of Merit
Downtown Revitalization
2013 Blueprint Awards

Derivi Construction & Architecture (DCA) - Commercial Building Facade Improvement and Blight Remediation Project

Projects Summary and Photos

330 Van Ness Cottages

The Commercial Bldg ‐ so named on its cornice ‐ was built in 1874 as a two‐story brick structure on Main Street just west of California Street. It was expanded to a three‐story structure in 1878. And within only 10 years of being built, the building was expanded again around the corner to what is now called the Main Hotel. In 2000, the ARG historical building survey was done and the Commercial Bldg was deemed eligible for local merit and California Register status, acknowledging it as “one of the older buildings in downtown Stockton”.

Through advocacy to find a future for the historic buildings in Downtown Stockton, the Commercial Bldg unexpectedly received CDGB‐R grant funds with the stipulated criteria that the funds had to be expended within four months or revert back to the federal government. DCA worked with Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) and the City of Stockton’s Economic Development Department to prioritize work to maximize the benefit to the building and community. The work that was accomplished for one building was unprecedented. And all work was done within grant guidelines – on time and on budget. The success came from the hard work and collaboration of local businesses that believed in the mission of improving the Commercial Bldg for the benefit of all Stockton. Although this was a non‐traditional method for saving a historic building, this kind of spirited, focused effort shows that key improvements can change the face and perception of what is valuable. With the benefits of those willing to engage in the process, and a committed purpose of the team, there was a common enthusiasm and buy‐in for preserving Downtown Stockton and the vitality that will result.


 Original Building  Refurbished Entrance
 Old Roof  Refurbished Art
 Old Entrance  Highlighting the Past
 Old Entrance 2