2013 Blueprint Awards - Residential Development

Award of Excellence
Residential Development
2013 Blueprint Awards

Corporation for Better Housing - Mustang Peak Village


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Mustang Peak Village

Mustang Peak Village was developed by Corporation for Better Housing, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1995 with the primary objective to “…eradicate poor and unsafe living conditions through the creation of vibrant communities designed to empower and enhance the lives of our residents.” The Mustang Peak Village residential development not only signifies this objective but is also reflective of Blueprint principles.

The City of Newman recognizes and understands the importance of a strong and vibrant community; a major portion of a community is its housing stock. This understanding was in part memorialized through adoption of General Plan Goal LU-4 “Provide housing in a range of residential densities and product and tenure type to address the housing needs of all segments of the community, including all income groups expected to reside in Newman.” Mustang Peak Village not only provided an affordable housing option with the City but also showcased what collaboration, an innovative financing plan and good planning can produce. Mustang Peak Village has not only improved the immediate area in which it is located but also improved the community.

Corporation for Better Housing believes that community action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities and makes neighborhoods a better place to live. Corporation for Better Housing understands that in order to create enhanced new communities, it must first work in conjunction with the community it intends to partner with and invest in. Mustang Peak is a result of that philosophy.  The development provides housing opportunities, is attractive, functional, utilized community and stakeholder collaboration, fosters a strong sense of place, was cost effective, developed within the existing community and encourages environmental resource management.

Mustang Peak Village is evidence of what effective community involvement, planning and good design can achieve. The development is an excellent example of outstanding achievement in quality development while exemplifying Blueprint Principles.


 Panorama  Exterior
 Common Room
 Living Room
 Kitchen  Playground







Award of Merit
Residential Development
2013 Blueprint Awards

Fresno Housing Authority - Parc Grove Commons

Projects Summary and Photos

1015 Baker Street - Finished View

Parc Grove Commons is the redevelopment of two aging public housing complexes, Funston Terrace and Funston Place. The two public housing complexes, built between 1945 and 1952, included 200 dilapidated and outdated units. Redevelopment plans began in late 2005 with input from residents and the surrounding community.

The development consists of a total of 215 units all serving low- and very low-income families. Incorporated in the development are 31 Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) units and 72 Project Based Housing Choice Vouchers units.

A 6,710 square foot community building that features a variety of amenities and hosts many social services for residents. The community building amenities include classroom facilities, a computer room, manager/leasing offices, a fitness room, collegiate size pool, basketball courts, picnic areas, and more. The amenities are similar to those found in market rate properties.



 Elevation  Planters
 Courtyard  Pool
 Entrance  Walkway
 Front Porches
 Climbing Wall