City of Riverbank - Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization Project
Mixed Use Project
2010 Blueprint Awards


Projects Summary and Photos

The City of Riverbank is pleased to submit for your consideration our recently completed Downtown Revitalization Project. This Project was initiated in 2008 as a way to revitalize our Downtown core, leverage additional private investment, enhance existing businesses and homes, expand opportunities for higher density housing, and promote non‐vehicular modes of transportation. Downtown Riverbank today includes a variety of housing, as well as destination land uses, such as grocery and other retail, recreational opportunities, schools, parks, historic buildings, and the local government center. The Downtown Revitalization Project was designed to enhance the existing uses Downtown with streetscape improvements, sewer line improvements, stormwater enhancements, landscaping, construction of civic buildings, and historic preservation and rehabilitation.

A Downtown Revitalization Committee was formed at the outset of this Project. This Committee is comprised of business owners and the local Chamber of Commerce, residents, elected officials, and City staff. Initially, the Committee’s task was to provide input in the development of a Downtown Specific Plan for the City. The Downtown Specific Plan was used to organize the up‐front investments included in the Downtown Revitalization Project, as well as guide long‐term change through removing blight and adding vibrancy to the Downtown core.

On the western side of the Downtown Specific Plan Area is a vacant tomato cannery facility, which has now been cleared and is being prepared for a new mixed‐use retail, office, recreation, and higher‐density housing project. On the eastern side of the Downtown Specific Plan Area, next to the library and community center, a new teen center has been constructed. The building structure is utilizing “hay bale” wall construction and environmentally friendly. Along State Route 108 along the northern boundary of the Specific Plan Area, the City has made improvements to enhance the downtown “gateway” and preserve the historic Del Rio Theater and “railroad” bunkhouse.

The Downtown is now paved and accented with brick treatments. Intersections incorporate distinctive mosaic treatments. All storm water runoff is filtered through the system prior do discharge into retention/detention basins for groundwater recharge. With additional planting by the City, Downtown streets are tree‐lined for shade to reduce heat in the summer and allow passive solar heat retention in the winter months. Murals have been incorporated onto what were once bare walls and targets for graffiti. Local artists were utilized to produce art and sculptures in the downtown project area. A small park has been completed across the street form City Hall to allow an area for rest and reflection.


 Before:  Bordona Bank
 After:  Bordona Bank
 Before:  Third Street
 After:  Third Street
 Before:  Downtown Plaza
 After:  Downtown Plaza
 Before:  Santa Fe Street East
 After:  Santa Fe Street East
 Before:  Santa Fe Street West
 After:  Santa Fe Street West