The Project

The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process is a unique opportunity to work together to convey a regional vision of land use and transportation that will be used to guide growth in the San Joaquin Valley over the next 50 years.

Major accomplishments to date include:

  1. Determining the community’s values related to quality of life issues,
  2. Developing a vision that reflects those values,
  3. Engaging member agencies (the 62 cities and 8 counties in the Valley) and the community-at-large in scenario planning exercises that ultimately led to the endorsement of a preferred growth scenario in each county, and
  4. The creation of Valleywide scenarios by UC Davis that were considered by the Regional Policy Council (2 elected officials from each of the 8 counties) to endorse one of the four scenaries.
  5. The creation of a Valleywide Blueprint
  6. The adoption of the 12 Smart Growth Principles and Preferred Growth Scenario

In this Section: