Greenprint Brochure UPDATED

Greenprint Brochure UPDATED

The SJV Greenprint collects and presents information about the Valley’s resources through existing maps, data sources, resource preservation programs, and local policies and regulations (e.g. General Plans, Water Management Plans, Habitat Conservation Plans, Agricultural Preservation Programs, etc.), and has developed new data sources where needed. The SJV Greenprint provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of Valley resources and trends.

The website for the SJV Greenprint provides an interactive online map database of more than 100 GIS maps that can be visually overlaid to look at potentially complementary or competing uses of land and identify the spatial patterns of regionally significant resources.

The maps have been organized into major themes:

• Agriculture (Soils, crops, agricultural infrastructure)

• Biodiversity (Protected areas, restoration opportunities, habitat connectivity, and natural habitat)

• Water (Surface and groundwater resources)

• Energy (Opportunities for solar, wind, and oil)

Online resources can be accessed at: