Greenprint Brochure UPDATED

Greenprint Brochure UPDATED

San Joaquin Valley Higher Density Residential Housing Market Study

San Joaquin Valley Higher Density Residential Housing Market Study-Report Cover

Click here for the project home page, which includes downloadable versions of the report and model.

San Joaquin Valley Demographic Forecast 2010-2050

This report presents demographic forecasts for the San Joaquin Valley and the eight county-wide Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in the Valley. The MPOs may use these forecasts to assist in determining the impact of various development densities on the fiscal health of cities and counties in the San Joaquin Valley and identifying market demand for higher density residential housing projects associated with the preferred growth scena

The Financial and Institutional Challenges to Smart Growth Implementation: A Focus on California’s Central Valley

The suburban development that has characterized the post-World War II era has meant that Americans’ quality of life has relied on an ever-expanding road infrastructure that could keep pace with rapid population and automobile growth. With growing concern over the environmental effects of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), policymakers have considered how to lower vehicle miles traveled as a means of reducing GHGs.

San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Roadmap Summary

(September 2010) This report provides an overview of the first four years of the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint (2005-2009), including the key players and participants, and the results of the Valleywide planning effort. The report is divided into six sections. Section 1 introduces the Valley Blueprint and provides some background on blueprint planning in California. Section 2 describes the agencies, organizations, and individuals that made the Valley Blueprint possible. Section 3 describes five stages of the Valley Blueprint planning process.