San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Integration Project

The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Integration Project is a Valley-wide program, funded through a Round 1 Prop 84 grant, to provide support to the 46 smaller Valley cities (populations under 50,000) in integrating Blueprint Smart Growth principles into their General Plans and planning policies.  The valley’s eight regional planning agencies have contracted with URS Corporation to lead the effort (with Fresno COG serving as the Project Manager).  The URS Team includes three planning firms, all with excellent knowledge and experience working with and for communities throughout the Valley, to serve as Circuit Planners. These firms, Municipal Planning Services, Land Use Associates, and Collins & Schoettler, will be providing hands-on support to city representatives to integrate the appropriate Blueprint principles into local planning programs.

Similar to the Smart Valley Places program, the Blueprint Integration project seeks to communicate the benefits of applying Blueprint principles throughout the San Joaquin Valley. The two programs combine to reach all cities in the Valley and will complement other local and regional planning initiatives, including the Greenprint project. The Circuit Planners will work directly and in-person with representatives of the small cities seeking assistance, an approach that responds directly to interests expressed by smaller local agencies. While involvement is completely voluntary, the project’s objective is to achieve full participation. 

The first phase of the Blueprint Integration program concluded in June of 2013.  Outreach began in early 2012 and was accomplished through a variety of means, including Circuit Planner collaboration with local representatives, workshops in each of the eight counties, and a Valley-wide workshop coordinated with the Smart Valley Places program.  In the first phase, each of the participating cities identified locally-appropriate strategies for integration of the Blueprint principles into their local practices, with the Circuit Planning team responding with tangible tools and products, including custom-made templates, whitepapers and master planning documents. These deliverables are summarized in the Final Report, attached below.  The deliverables themselves are in the process of beiong loaded onto the Planner's Toolkit, whhere they will be available to any agency interested in review and/or utilizing their content.

If you would like additional information or have questions about the program, please contact the Fresno COG Grant Manager, Rob Terry at (559) 233-4148 or via email at

Click here for the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Integration Project Information Sheet

NEW: Click here for the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Integration Project Final Report