Villa Monterey Apartments, Stockton, CA

Award of Achievement
Residential Development Project
2010 Blueprint Awards


Projects Summary and Photos

Villa Monterey is a 45 unit multifamily rehabbed apartment complex located in Kentfield Park, one of the worst areas of Stockton, California. Villa Monterey, a project of Visionary Home Builders of California, is now being hailed as the “Jewel of the Park”.

The project is specifically targeted to low-income families within 50 percent – 60 percent of Area Median Income. There are 20 One (1) Bedroom units (680sq ft.) and 25 Two (2) Bedroom units (907 sq. ft.).

For many years, this area of Stockton has been of grave concern to its citizens. The positive results of the Villa Monterey project are, in part, due to the Kentfield Action Team Intervention Plan based in resident involvement, engagement and extensive
discussion. Bringing together federal, state, county and city entities, along with public and private businesses have proved to be essential in growing this beautiful new structure in the midst of blight. The success of this collaboration has created a domino effect of positive change in a neighborhood known for dilapidated homes, drug infestation and crime.

The most significant value of Villa Monterey is that it was built to be a ‘green – zero net energy’ structure. This is the first “green” multi-unit apartment complex in San Joaquin County. Villa Monterey is composed of two buildings and has received from the U.S.
Green Building Council a rating of LEED for Homes Gold Level for the New Construction Building and LEED for Homes Silver Level for the Rehabbed Building. From Energy Star Appliances, the solar panels, to the out-door benches made from recycled materials are the result of the commitment to keep “green in mind”. Currently, the residents’ electric costs are averaging between $3 and $5 per month.

Villa Monterey is a safe, affordable and healthy project where its residents are able to take advantage of the social services provided at the onsite community center and are able to take pride in their community.


 Before: Managers office
 After: Managers Office
 Before: Building and pool
 After: Building with solar and couryard
 Before: As viewed by the community
 After: As viewed by the community
 Resident Library
 Interior Mural