Wagner Woods, Ripon CA

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Mixed Use Project
2010 Blueprint Awards


Projects Summary and Photos

The project is located with the City of Ripon, San Joaquin County, California. Like many of the smaller communities in the Central Valley, Ripon had been primarily a small farming community. Over the last two decades, growth pressures due to its proximity to Highways 99 and 120 have caused rapid population increase and a growth pattern of predominantly larger lot single‐family development in green‐field areas on the fringes of the existing urban area. The population of the City increased from 5,131 in 1985, to over 15,000 currently. While the city has a robust inclusionary zoning ordinance to facilitate the provision of housing for low and very‐low income residents, new multi‐family housing projects were very few and quality rental housing could be difficult to find. Wagner Woods is a small, mixed‐use infill project in the City of Ripon, San Joaquin County, CA. The project, originally approved in 2004, was constructed between 2006 and 2009, with some single‐family lots and the two neighborhood commercial lots awaiting development.

The original 13.5‐acre site had originally been designated as typical R‐1, low‐density residential. In 2002 it was recommended by the City of Ripon affordable housing committee that a portion of the property be rezoned to allow multiple‐family residential in an effort to encourage compact development, provide affordable housing, and to meet the needs of those residents choosing rental housing over home ownership. A general plan amendment, rezoning, and an amendment to the appropriate specific plan for the area were subsequently approved.

This project is situated between and existing large‐lot residential subdivision, a neighborhood park, and a storage facility. The project is also proximate to retail, offices (including city hall), and a transit stop. It includes 30 single‐family residences and 46 multi‐family units, producing a density of approximately 6.78 dwelling units per acre (based on a residential area of 11.2 acres), a significantly higher density than what has been typically constructed in Ripon of the last decade. The project’s interior streets were constructed with pavers and wide sidewalks; both contribute to the walkability of the neighborhood area. This project is a prime example of the type of Blueprint friendly project more appropriate to the smaller communities within the Central Valley. The City of Ripon planning staff has provided the leadership needed to exemplify the possibilities of implementation of the Blueprint principles in smaller communities.


 Project and surrounding area
 Site Plan
 Northeast view from adjacent park
 Northwest view multi-family housing area
 Multi-family project area
 Existing Retail/office
 West view of single and multi family housing