Woodbridge Revitalization Project

Award of Achievement
Revitalization - Unincorporated Area
2010 Blueprint Awards


Projects Summary and Photos

Woodbridge is a proactive community where residents engage in preserving its Historical District and wilderness area, promote a vibrant downtown, and strive to improve quality of life in the unincorporated northern portion of San Joaquin County.

What follows is a brief story of incredible collaboration and an intense community desire to make Woodbridge a place where one is proud to call home.

Thanks to Measure K funding and tenacity of county officials, staff, Woodbridge Municipal Advisory Council (WMAC) and the community, the groundwork was laid to enhance quality of life in Woodbridge.  Today, Woodbridge is known for its pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, strong sense of community, natural beauty of Lodi Lake and Mokulumne River, Woodbridge Dam, vibrant downtown and well-planned architecturally designed buildings. There are three major components related to why Woodbridge is remarkable.  First, San Joaquin County officials and staff were tireless in their efforts to communicate with community residents.  Second, WMAC and other community leaders and residents were consistently passionate about their vision for Woodbridge.  The third component was key to the transformation of Woodbridge, which included the collaborative spirit of all participants involved in the planning process.  However, transformation was not always easy or deemed a smooth process.  There were plenty of late night meetings where WMAC directors embraced tough issues and listened to protests as well as accolades about how and where Woodbridge roadways were to be realigned, widened, or redesigned for pedestrian safety and other concerns.  For example, some residents and shop owners worried that a proposed road widening would turn a cozy neighborhood into a traffic hazard and restrict access to downtown businesses.  Others were out-right angry and feared that expanding an existing two-lane to a four-lane road would contribute to unsafe routes between neighborhoods and Woodbridge Elementary School.  Everyone had an opinion about how the roadways, future building designs, pedestrian safety, historical appearance and natural habitat should be embraced. 

Like living in a large family, some WMAC community meetings sometimes felt like a constant battle for attention.  Noise levels and spirits were elevated.  However, brewing within circles of lively communication was a clear sense of the benefits of feeling like being in a big family.  It’s here that Woodbridge truly began to transform.  Woodbridge experienced growing pains throughout the Measure K planning process.  In the beginning, the community learned to crawl like a simple caterpillar gripping to its leaf.  Because of its tenacity and determined collaboration, the community of Woodbridge has sprouted its wings and is capable and ready to live its vision of the future. 

As a result of collaborative planning, Woodbridge now enjoys tree-lined pedestrian friendly streets, safe two-lane roadways, 25-mile per hour downtown business district, “Woodbridge Design Guidelines,” walking paths, bicycle paths, a “one-of-a-kind” Round-About for traffic flow, diversion of large semi-truck vehicles, new pedestrian crosswalks for schoolchildren walking to and from Woodbridge Elementary School and local runners and walkers.  The downtown area is now landscaped, paved with bricks, light fixtures reflect a historical design and a new storm drainage system keeps roadways from seasonal flooding.  Uniquely designed signs depicting “Woodbridge – Established in 1859” truly offer a grand welcome to a tiny, but mighty place.


 Downtown Woodbridge Irrigation District Building before photo
Downtown photo depicting diagonal parking,
new landscaping, and pedestrian sidewalks

 Downtown Woodbridge Augusta and Lower Sacramento road
 prior to landscaping and redesign
Trees and landscaping show of new divider and
 beautiful downtown Woodbridge

 Entrance to Woodbridge from north
 Comfortable bench in downtown
 Groundbreaking ceremony
 Welcome to Woodbridge sign